Bible Studies

Welcome to our Bible Study Section, where we have posted many of the Bible Studies that the pastors have written to help people out in their walk with God.

They are copyrighted but you may make all the copies you want for personal use. Just don’t sell them. God’s blessings on you.

Note from Pastor Phil:

These guides are designed to help you to study, to learn, to understand, and to live what God teaches us in his Word, the Bible. God gave us the Bible to teach us how to know and to walk with Him. We can enjoy God’s blessings forever, rather than experiencing his judgement. His Word is eternally true. Take time to carefully read and think about the Scriptures used in this guide. Meditate on them and the truths they teach. Learn to love God and his Word. Regularly ask God for a right understanding of Scriptural truths and then make them part of you. Absorb them. If you go over the material too quickly without much thought, it will have little or no lasting impact on your life. Commit yourself to making Biblical truths the foundation of your life and to putting them into practice every day of your life.

- Phil Benedict


Study Guides on the Bible


1. The Bible (Download in MSWord Format)

…It’s from God!

2. What Is the Bible For? ( MSWord Format)

…Why did God give us the Bible?3. The Structure of the Bible ( MSWord Format)

4. The Canon of Scripture ( MSWord Format)

…The Bible is complete! 

5. From Moses To You ( MSWord Format)

…Passing on God’s Infallible Word from Generation to Generation

6. Absorbing the Word of God( MSWord Format)

…Understanding, Loving, and Doing What God Says

Study Guides About God

1. God: Our Creator and Sustainer (MSWord Format)

2. In Defense of Creation ( MSWord Format) (—-not yet available)

Who is biggest-God or man?

3. What Is God Like…? ( MSWord Format)

…The Trinity4. Created In the Image of God ( MSWord Format)


5. What Is God Like…? ( MSWord Format)

…He is holy, righteous, and just.

6. What Is God Like…? ( MSWord Format)

…The Wrath of God

7. What Is God Like…? ( MSWord Format)

…God’s Love, Grace, and Mercy

8. The Holy Spirit ( MSWord Format)

9. My God and I… ( MSWord Format)

(—-not yet available)

… He knows and cares about me!!! A study of Psalm 139

Study Guides About Man

1. Created In the Image of God ( MSWord Format)

2. Paradise Lost ( MSWord Format) (—-not yet available)

…Separated from God by Sin

3. How You Can Know God ( MSWord Format)

…God’s Plan of Salvation

4. Getting Started Right ( MSWord Format)

…A Guide for New Christians

5. Why Church? ( MSWord Format)

…Why Christians Should Be Active in the Church6. There will eventually be several more studies added to this series.


Miscellaneous Studies


There are two studies that Mr Benedict wrote originally for use with recovering alcoholics and other drug addicts. These are somewhat different in that they were originally written for both Christians and non-Christians.

1. Living Free

( MSWord Format)

Dealing with Anger, Fear, Guilt, and Pride

2. Three Kinds of Love in Marriage

( MSWord Format)

A Biblical Approach
These are training sessions that Mr Benedict wrote originally for use in training “Lay” personell to more effectively teach and use these Christian Foundations and materials.

1. Training Session 1

( MSWord Format)


2. Training Session 2

( MSWord Format)


3. Training Session 3

( MSWord Format)


4. Training Session 4

( MSWord Format)